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                                                                        A Strangely Alright New Single – Paint Outside The Lines!

                                                                                                          Click the artwork to listen! 
Seattle, WA- “I don’t want to get stuck thinking that there’s only one way” says Strangely Alright singer songwriter Regan Lane... If there’s one thing I’ve learned lately, it’s that I get to be who I want to be based on today. And sometimes that means I have to tilt my perception just enough to see and do things differently than I used to. Sometimes the old ideas just don’t work. It’s always tends to feel more comfortable to keep things the same. But I’ve found if I’m no trying new things and making the effort to move forward I’m probably sliding back….”
And so from that thought comes a new SA single, Paint Outside the Lines!
Let’s live this life without those parachutes. Investigate another point of view. Everybody gets to change. Everybody gets to move. Baby know we’ve got the right, to find another groove….
The rat-a-tat-tat of a rocking snare kicks into a jangly riff as the  SA power pop stew mixes falsetto backgrounds, crunchy riffs, Sean Van Dommelen’s tasty fuzz drenched guitar solo with a catchy chorus that sticks in your head like bubblegum on a hot day!! 
So continuing into 2015, Strangely Alright has implemented a somewhat different strategy for the band. This is their 3rd single in the energetic scheme to release a new material as often as possible this year. Hopefully each song will be different and cool with its own unique vibe and story. And maybe you’ll like what you hear.


 We were just featured on Click 98.9 FM's HOMEGROWN. Regan co-hosted with  DJ Heather Lee and our music was played alongside other bands with northwest ties including Everclear and Nirvana. Pretty cool! Click the photo below. It's a link to the show if you'd like to listen and share with other folks who may dig our stuff!


New Video!

Please click below to play our new video (in black and white!) , directed by Brian Parker at our rehearsal space.
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Booking and Representation: Charlie Dent
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